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What is RF Skin Resurfacing?

Radiofrequency (RF) skin resurfacing at Signature Wellness is a noninvasive cosmetic treatment that utilizes pulsating beams of energy as well as fractional plasma technology to eliminate damaged surface skin cells, while also stimulating collagen production. This service is great for reducing facial lines and wrinkles and for improving flaws, such as acne scars, pigmentation, and other issues. Skin resurfacing with the Opus® platform is good for people desiring softer, clearer, younger-looking skin. Set up a skin resurfacing appointment at our Saline, MI location today.

What Are the Benefits of RF Skin Resurfacing?

At Signature Wellness, we are aware that with time your skin can get increasingly dry, dull, and lifeless. With RF skin resurfacing, we provide our Saline, MI patients a chance for revitalized skin with a treatment that offers a number of ideal benefits:

  • Treatment of large pores
  • Reduced look of creases and lines
  • Improved self-esteem around your skin's aesthetic
  • Smoothing of rough skin surface
  • Reduced appearance of scarring and pigmentation problems

Can I Have RF Skin Resurfacing?

There are many elements to think about when picking which Opus Plasma treatment is ideal for your needs. This therapy is great for a man or woman who is disappointed with their complexion. This treatment will help minimize cosmetic flaws, including rough spots, scaly patches, and additional irregularities. This procedure might not be ideal for men or women with more pigmented skin or active acne breakouts.

Heidi is great!!! She listens and really takes the time to explain what she is doing and what products would be best.

S.W. Google

I had a great experience at Signature Wellness. They are professional and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable. And I love their skin care! My face has never felt better!

A.W. Google

The team at Signature Wellness! They’ve taken the time with me to build my trust and make me comfortable. They also do the best work!!

V.L. Google

I recently saw Sim and Heidi. They’re both amazing. I’ve gone to a handful of people for Botox/fillers and these two are amazing! I usually get bruised, or swollen pretty bad but with these two, I looked flawless the next day. They’re very particular, professional, and know what’s best! I would recommend them.

H.D. Facebook

Beautiful surroundings! Beautiful owners and operators. Highly educated and professional. Extremely knowledgeable, especially about the anatomy, the treatments, the products and most importantly, what’s best for YOU! Excited to have Signature Wellness taking care of me now, and in the future! Wouldn’t THINK of going anywhere else. Both Allyson and Sim have done treatments/procedures on me and are exceptionally good at what they do.

L.J. Google


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RF Skin Resurfacing Procedure technique

Your procedure begins in a dedicated chair while the Opus handheld device glides over your skin, aiming at the treatment spots for improvement. You will notice the warmth from the applicator, then a gentle breeze from the system's built-in cooling device. The RF wavelengths serve to eradicate damaged and dead skin cells, while fractional plasma technology increases collagen production. After your treatment, you will have redness similar to a sunburn, which will fade after a few days. Your rejuvenated look will likely last for five years or more and can be repeated as necessary. Although your results may be long-lasting, it's crucial to be aware that this solution does not end your body's innate aging process.

RF Skin Resurfacing FAQ

How much does RF skin resurfacing cost?
RF skin resurfacing expenses vary depending on the type of treatment you select. During your consultation, Allyson will ask about your concerns and wants before explaining the different types of RF resurfacing available. Then, she can help you decide on your resurfacing treatment and discuss costs.

How can I help my skin recover after RF skin resurfacing?
Allyson or someone on her staff will explain how you can speed skin healing after a skin resurfacing treatment. The top rule is don't peel or pick flaking skin. This can lead to long-term damage, such as scars. You need to skip all types of hair removal on the treated skin, which means no waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams. Additionally, you should use sunscreen and wear a hat if you're outside. Our team can suggest a cream to help soothe and heal your skin.

How often should I get RF skin resurfacing treatments?
Depending on the resurfacing type you and Allyson select for your service, you may need to wait a few weeks or even months between appointments. Deeper treatments will provide longer-lasting results, but will need more time for recovery. You should tell Allyson how often you are willing to come back for treatments so she can consider this when suggesting a treatment plan in your consultation.

What's the best type of resurfacing for me?
Allyson will help you choose which resurfacing option is best for your concerns and goals during your initial consultation. What treatment is best for you will depend on the health of your skin, your skin concerns, and the skin depth you want your treatment to reach. How long you are willing to give your recovery might also be an important factor when you create a treatment plan. When in doubt, it is best to try a milder treatment then assess your outcomes and decide if you want something stronger for your next appointment.

How often should I get RF resurfacing treatments?
Depending on the RF resurfacing options you and Allyson select for your treatment, you might need to wait weeks or even months between appointments. Deep treatments will give you results that last a long time, but do need a lengthy recovery period. You should talk to Allyson about how often you are willing to return for treatments so she can consider this when suggesting a type of resurfacing in your initial consultation.

Should I get RF skin resurfacing, a chemical peel, or skin rejuvenation?
After listening to your skin problems, Allyson will help you decide if RF skin resurfacing, a chemical peel, or skin rejuvenation treatment is best for you. Although they all improve your skin, each has its own benefits and drawbacks. During your consultation, Allyson can discuss each option and make a suggestion for your treatment.

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